Monday, August 5, 2013

Beach Runs

For the next two weeks I'll be spending time on the beautiful Emerald Isle in North Carolina.

Luckily, the sand is a perfect surface to knock out a couple 7 mile runs, and various 3-5 mile runs in between to build endurance. Yesterday, the first full day we were here, I took Dad on a 6.5 mile run, so for the rest of the week it's all downhill until next Sunday!

After a 3.25 mile run... light day today! 

Am looking forward to breaking some records the next couple weeks, and possibly a deep sand run to really build up endurance!

Happy running!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Since we have officially signed up to run a half marathon in November in Las Vegas, Jessie and I have started running. Hard.

A few weeks ago, Jessie blew us all away by posting this picture: 

Which beautifully displayed her 6 mile run at a fast 8 ish minute clip. 

Considering I could probably only run it 12 minutes per mile, I was beyond impressed. Jessie has inspired me to bust my butt, and after running a few runs as hard as I could, I've improved my 6 mile time to 11 minutes/mile. 

I do have to confess, I pushed a little past my 6 mile run, and ended up running 6.85 because my running app was a good mile off my actual distance. Cheers! for great surprises and running hard! 

Here are some of the pictures I snapped during my run:

We're continuing to run and raise money for the B+ Foundation to meet our goal.

Please consider supporting us at Jessie's Page and My Page. We are so grateful for those who have supported us already, and as you can tell we're running more and faster than we have before! 

Dressed from head to toe in my new neon running gear and am about to hit the road for 4.25 miles.

Your running friend,

Saturday, July 27, 2013

We Run This Las Vegas

On November 17th, Jessie and I will be taking on a new challenge. We will be in Las Vegas about to run our first half marathon.

This event is special to both of us because we will be running on behalf of the B+ Foundation, which supports children and their families who are dealing with pediatric cancer by funding research and supporting families, both financially and emotionally. The foundation was started after Andrew, a happy and active teen, died of Leukemia at 14 years old.

We are running harder, faster and more than we ever have before. The support, prayers, and love of our families and friends will be crucial for us to accomplish our goals of finishing the race, and raising a combined total of $6000 for the B+ Foundation.

This blog will document our journey; our fastest times, our struggles, our 5k and 10k races and our fundraisers that will happen up until the 17th.

We appreciate the support, and are excited for what the next 4 months hold!

If you would like to donate to the B+ Foundation in our names to help us reach our goal we would greatly appreciate it! You can find our pages on the B+ Foundation website on the Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon section or by following the links: Jessie's Page and Kelsey's Page

Thank you for all the continued support.